The slides from this panel may be downloaded here (PDF).

Practical Covid Safety for Every Furry @ GSFC 2024

Saturday, April 6, 2024
2:00–4:00 pm
Golden State Fur Con 2024
Secondary Events
Hilton Los Angeles Airport, 5711 W Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045

Hosted by: Yatchi (Telegram @yatchi)


It's year 5 of the pandemic and Covid continues to spread at furry cons, but there are still ways to have fun while protecting yourself and others! Learn how to use masks, tests, air filters, and other new tools to create a strategy that works for you, even when you're at a party, wearing a fursuit, or dealing in the den. We've got FREE N95 masks to help you find your perfect fit, FREE tests to help keep you and your friends informed, and demos of DIY air filtration technology to help control both respiratory diseases and flying fur! Come connect and share stories with other furs who've been affected by Covid, and help us keep furry a safe and accessible space for all.

NEW: Basic fit testing right at the panel!



I'll have an assortment of high-quality N95 masks. Grab a few different ones and find your perfect fit!

I will also have a limited number of at-home tests. Please feel free to take one if you need it, but note that it's not as easy for me to get tests as it is to get masks. If you have extra tests, please share!

If you can't make it to the panel but still want to grab some masks or tests, message me and we can meet up somewhere.

Fit testing

I will be conducting basic fit testing using 3M bitter and sweet testing solutions! This test can detect if your mask is leaky and might be letting in particulates, such as the airborne droplets that carry Covid.

Due to equipment, time, and logistical constraints, we will use a simplified procedure, which will not meet the requirements of OSHA Standard 1910.134(F) and will not certify your mask to protect you against exposure to respiratory hazards in a workplace. The results of this testing are for informational purposes only. I express or imply no guarantee that your mask will provide adequate protection against Covid or other respiratory hazards.

While you are wearing your mask, a fit testing hood will be placed over your head, and a small amount of your choice of bitter or sweet solution will be injected into the hood. You will breathe, talk, and/or move your head for 30 seconds. If you taste the solution at any point, the test is failed.

Action items

Come wearing your favorite N95 or similar mask and see if you pass the fit test! If you have facial hair, note that you must be clean shaven for an adequate fit.

Stay connected by joining our Telegram chat!

Test yourself, ideally multiple times, starting from the beginning of the con until a few days after. Share your test results on Twitter using the hashtag #GSFC2024CovidTest!

Grab some free at-home tests from a pharmacy and share them with your friends!