The slides from our panel at GSFC 2024 are now available here (PDF).

We now have accounts on Twitter and Mastodon! They'll be the best way to get updates, so please give us a follow.

We are Covid Safe Furs, a group of furries discussing Covid issues in our personal lives and in our communities. We seek to become an information and advocacy resource not only for our own members but for furry at large.

Because so many furries (including us!) are anxious to go back to conventions and events, we've put together a Furry Guide to Covid Safety. Whether you want to know how to best protect your health in a con environment, or you want to know how to make your fellow furs feel comfortable and included, we hope this guide can help. We also have a comprehensive set of Recommendations for Convention Organizers, outlining specific steps you can take to make your con safer.

Our approach towards safety measures is to encourage everyone to do what they can, even if it's not perfect—because every bit helps make our fandom a little safer and a little kinder.

Anyone who cares about protecting others is welcome to join us in our Telegram chat.